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Novica Brass beaded bracelet, Family - Handcrafted Brass Beaded Bracelet


Like any other metropolitan city, Rotterdam represents many different cultures and cuisines, and this is represented in our bar, espresso bar and kitchen as well. Enjoy the many flavors from around the world, with a distinct Rotterdam twist. Inside, or at our unmatched roof top terrace.

Voted Best Hotel Bar of Rotterdam 2014! The nhow BAR has always a great ambiance to enjoy a drink with your friends while enjoying the view over the skyline. We serve not only many different beers, our wine list is worth tasting and our bartender likes to be challenged to surprise you with the best cocktails and not to mention our GT’s. The music is fresh, new and surprising. In the weekends the DJ’s will take the mood even to a higher level.

We invite everyone to enjoy our BARand enjoy the best drinks and views!

Please note that we do not takereservations for our BAR.

Open till 1AM (Friday Saturdaytill 2AM)

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Seven days a week our BAR | KITCHEN is open for a bite. Whether you go for a quick meal between meetings or an extensive dinner date, it’s always accompanied by fantastic view and a great ambiance.

nhow offers a flexitarian menu, which means that all the dishes are prepared as a vegetarian dish and can be supplemented with either meat, poultry and/or fish if so desired. The dishes are rich in taste and textures, absolutely gorgeous to look at and taste like heaven.

The Kitchen is open daily untill 10PM. On SUNDAYS our Restaurant is closed, however we doserve the URBAN8 Menu in the Bar.

Make a reservation: Reservations for large groups above 10 people, please contact us

Make a reservation:

Breakfast is served every morning from7.00 till 10.30 and on Saturday and Sunday from 7.30 till 12.00.

Bar Menu

Menu Dinner Dec 2017

Makeyour reservation for our restaurant online. * reservations for large groups above 10 people, please contact usvia


Enjoy the best views and sunsets in town. On the seventh floor, nhow has a large terrace overlooking the bridge and Rotterdam skyline. So lean back and relax while sipping your cocktail and watch the sunset with your loved ones.

We invite everyone to enjoy our terraceand enjoy the best drinks and views!

Please note that we do not take reservations for our terrace.Open till 1AM (in weekends till 2AM)and only withgood weather.

Did you know nhow has an espresso bar? You’ll find it at street level in De Rotterdam mid-tower.Open every weekday for take out or sit in. We offer sweet goodies, sandwiches and the finestcoffees. Open: 8-14.30 (closed weekends and holidays)

Trump fans are, obviously, touting this good news as proof that Trumponomics works, especially compared to Obamanomics; all the liberal and mainstream media naysayers who predicted the tax cuts would fail were wrong, they say. In not even a half term, in their minds, Trump has already made America pretty darn great again — at least as measured by economic stats.

The economic surge is an expected side effect of more than just tax cuts.

Yet that’s not quite right: The economic surge is an expected side effect of more than just tax cuts. Many economists had been predicting the big tax cuts (about $150 billion a year ) combined with increased government spending ( about $300 billion over the next few years ) would boost growth, at least for a while. As the Congressional Budget Office Fine Jewelry Simulated Purple Tanzanite Sterling Silver Drop Earrings OLoGb4TyP
in its recent forecast, “because the tax cuts boost after-tax incomes, they, along with the increases in federal spending, are expected to add excess demand in the next few years.”

And, not only is the surge no surprise, but the credit goes to both parties. While Democrats wanted no part of the tax cuts, the increased spending was a bipartisan affair.

But here’s the really weird thing: Republicans have traditionally touted tax cuts as a way to boost long-term growth by enhancing incentives to work, save and invest. This sort of juicing of the economy with tax cuts and spending increases is what Republicans used to dismiss as “sugar high” economics as recently as when Obama and the Democrats passed their big trillion-dollar tax and spending stimulus back in 2009. Nothing but a temporary boost that doesn't really alter the economy’s deep fundamentals, they called it.

Trump might be helping make America great again, but only for a little while.

And all those currently rosy forecasts show the Trump-led growth surge fading by 2020 or so (possibly just in time for the re-election campaign) and the economy returning to its boring 2 percent growth baseline. One reason for this is that the tax cuts and higher spending are generating massive, trillion-dollar budget deficits as far as the eye can see, which could hurt growth by crowding out private investment. (The importance of minding budget deficits are another issue on which the GOP has flipped since the Obama years.) So Trump might be helping make America great again, but only for a little while.

Nothing, of course, is set in stone. One sign that the effects of Trump’s economic policies could outlast his first term would be an increase in productivity growth, or output per worker. If each worker produces more — whether from better training, better equipment or doing their job differently — higher wages should follow.


The kitchen is the germiest room. Here's how to deep clean everything.

But productivity growth has been moribund for more than a decade. Moreover, there’s little evidence yet that anything Trump is doing has helped much. And if even productivity does boom, as it did during the mid-1990s through early 2000s, it could be the result of everything that’s been happening for years in Silicon Valley, such as advances in artificial intelligence, rather than what Washington’s been doing more recently.

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