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Recently Armand Cardello and this author began a series of appropriateness studies in a laboratory panel situation. The purpose of the studies is to examine the potential contribution of appropriateness type data obtained on taste test samples as an adjunct to the standard hedonic acceptance data. Ten situations were selected to represent basic situation components, and a ballot form was prepared for each food to be rated. During standard panel acceptance studies, respondents rated the foods they received on the 10 situation scales using the 7-point appropriateness scale (in addition to the 9-point hedonic rating scale). The ratings on appropriateness occurred during the waiting period between taste test samples.

Two tests illustrate the type of results that have been obtained. Figure 18-1 shows the mean appropriateness ratings for three meat products on the 10 scales and also the mean acceptance ratings for the three products. The three products did not differ significantly on mean acceptance. However, there is a significant difference for two of the appropriateness scales: "for breakfast," where the baked ham is more appropriate than the roast veal or pork adobo products, and for "when I want something different," where the baked ham is significantly less appropriate than the other two products. As might be expected for the other attributes since these are all main dish items, there is a high degree of similarity in the response profiles for the three products.

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shows the mean appropriateness ratings for stuffed cabbage roll, baked ham, and a spaghetti product. Again, there are no significant differences in the mean acceptance ratings, however there are significant differences for four of the situation appropriateness variables: "for breakfast,"

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FIGURE 18-1 Summary of mean appropriateness ratings for a veal, ham, and pork product. *, < 0.5; "cheer," when I want cheering up; "little," when I have little time to eat; "differ," when I want something different.

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FIGURE 18-2 Summary of mean appropriateness ratings for cabbage rolls, ham, and spaghetti products. *, < 0.5; "cheer," when I want cheering up; "little," when I have little time to eat; "differ," when I want something different.

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"a cold day," "when there is little time to eat," and "when I want something different." Whereas the baked ham is considered quite appropriate for breakfast, the spaghetti and stuffed cabbage rolls are definitely inappropriate for this meal occasion. "On a cold day," spaghetti is less appropriate than the other two products, and ''when you have little time to eat," the cabbage roll is less appropriate. For a product that is considered "different," baked ham is less appropriate than the other two products. For these three products, the two meat-based products have more similar profiles, whereas the spaghetti product represents a slightly different profile, which is not an unexpected result.

Our two-car, insulated garage combined with our two current vehicles (2003 Pontiac Vibe, 2005 Chevy Aveo LS) definitely constitute the life upgrades that have provided me with the most lasting happiness.

Living close to the vest while in college, driving used vehicles, and dating a woman (the future Mrs. FFP) who had perpetual car trouble forced me to become somewhat of a self-taught backyard mechanic in my late teens. What I lacked in skill and experience I made up for with a determination grounded in the knowledge that failure was not an option, simply because neither she nor I could afford to pay for someone else to perform the repairs.

With no garage available, more often than not this left me on my back under a car in the limestone driveway. I don’t miss the cuts, scrapes, and bruises from laying on the rocks, the fire ants biting my legs and back, or the freezing cold and lack of feeling in my fingers caused by mid-winter oil repairs here in Michigan.

The house we purchased after we were married has a large two-car garage (a mandatory requirement during the home-buying process!). The vehicles we drive now are still over 10 years old, but they are well-vetted, highly-regarded, Consumer Reports-recommended models. I still perform all of our own car repairs, but can now do so in the comfort of an insulated and paved garage, while needing to perform them far, far less often. The garage still brings me an immense amount of happiness!

I would say the type of spending that provides me with the least form of lasting happiness is that of eating out. Very temporary happiness boost, more often than not while sabotaging other life goals such as fitness. We don’t do it much, but it has probably the lowest ROI on the lasting happiness scale for me.

That Frugal Pharmacist April 10, 2018, 1:25 pm

I hadn’t put much thought in to it, but I think my husband may have perfected this without having put any thought in to it.

He’s “retired” to take care of our property (and now child), and it made sense financially when we moved where we did for him to not have a job for multiple reasons.

Anyway, he always has 20 different little projects or ideas in the works and is constantly making little tweaks and improvements indoors and out.

I find myself getting frustrated that ideas and plans take so long. But maybe he’s actually settled on a formula for giving him the most bang for his buck and effort of keeping busy, spending little and always feeling like he’s got something he enjoys to do.

Unlike me who would rather focus and get a project done, he’s happy to string it out for weeks. And why not really? It’s not like we were really any better or worse off in the end.

Chris April 10, 2018, 1:30 pm

One of the best upgrades I’ve made was to convert an old mountain bike to an electric assist car crushing machine! I ride it on days I am not riding a pedal only bike, or about 2-3 days per week. Money savings, time savings, and sheer joy are some of the benefits derived from this upgrade. I still get a workout and the bike allows me to carry much more weight than a pedal only bike and travel much faster. I get that actual benefit bump every time I throw a leg over the top tube and roll down my driveway!

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April 10, 2018, 1:40 pm

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