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By Carlie Kollath Wells | Posted May 21, 2018 at 10:28 AM | Updated May 22, 2018 at 07:39 AM
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Hurricane forecasters on Monday (May 21) were tracking a weather disturbance they say has a low chance of developing into a tropical depression this week in the Gulf of Mexico. It has the potential to make things wet in New Orleans for Memorial Day weekend.


Where is it now?

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, the weather disturbance was in the Caribbean Sea and extended across Cuba and the Florida peninsula. It's expected to move into the central or eastern Gulf of Mexico over the next several days.


What does it mean for New Orleans?

The National Weather Service office in Slidell said the system could bring heavy rainfall to the northern Gulf Coast starting late Friday and through Memorial Day weekend, depending on the speed and the track.


Danielle Manning, a meteorologist at the Slidell office, said the forecast currently has the metro area getting four to five inches of rain over the next seven days.

But, she cautioned those totals depend on the disturbance and said the forecast will likely change.

"Keep an eye on the forecast and be prepared for a potentially wet weekend," she said Monday morning.

There is a 20% chance for tropical development in the next 5 days. We will be watching closely as the moisture associated with this low pressure could increase chances for rain over our Memorial Day Weekend.


Will it become a storm?

Forecasters with the National Hurricane Center said the disturbance on Monday morning has a near 0 percent chance of developing into at least a tropical depression within 48 hours and a 20 percent chance (low) of developing into at least a tropical depression within five days.

The development stages are, from weakest to strongest:

For this system, the National Hurricane Center said environmental conditions aren't expected to be favorable for development during the next couple days. However, "some gradual development" is possible later this week while it moves into the Gulf.

The system could bring heavy rain to western Cuba and Florida over the next several days regardless of development, forecasters said.

Read the full outlook.

It is too early to say whether this system will become the first named tropical system, but it is worth monitoring this week as it could be a threat to LA later this weekend or early next week.

Hotel Republic San DiegoSan Diego, California

All conference activities will take place at the Novica Cultured pearl dangle earrings Hill Tribe Cool 3uS8WVE3

Formally named the Renaissance San Diego, the Hotel Republic San Diego is part of the upgraded Marriott Autograph Collection.

NASPA has arranged special room rates for conference attendees at the Hotel Republic San Diego starting at $209/night (not including 12.75% state and local taxes). The cut-off date to receive the conference room rate is Wednesday, January 3, 2018 . Rooms in the conference block may sell out prior to the cut-off date, so please make your reservation as soon as possible.


Book Your Hotel Now

For hotel questions, please contact: Greg Morris [email protected]

San Diego is serviced by San Diego International Airport (SAN). The hotel is approximately 3 miles from the airport.

For more information regarding shuttle providers to and from SAN, please visit the 1928 Jewelry 1928 Jewelry SilverTone Blue Crystal Flower YNecklace PGNVN3a
section of the SAN website.

If you need a taxi, simply follow the signs leading to the Transportation Plazas. For more information regarding taxi cab service, please visit the Parking Transportation page of the SAN website. Taxi fare from SAN to the Hotel Republic San Diego is approximately $10 one-way.

For more information on available rental car companies and contact information, please visit the Parking Transportation page of the SAN website.

Temperatures in San Diego in January are around 65 degrees F during the day and 49 degrees F in the evening. As the conference gets closer, please visit the Weather Channel for more information.

Additional Info

We hope that you will explore San Diego if you arrive in the city before the program begins. There are plenty of things to do and see if you are a first-time visitor, or even if you have been to San Diego many times. The official Novica Rainbow moonstone button earrings Awe of Aurora 0D2dzG
is one of many online resources available to visitors. Attire The dress for NASPA events is business casual.

“I attended the NASPA AVP Institute during my first year in the role and found it to be invaluable. It allowed me to think about the unique role as a leader and as a supporter, and the opportunity to connect with colleagues from across the country was incredibly helpful. I also attended the institute in my second year and found it to be equally valuable as the institute faculty kept the content fresh and relevant.”​

“The Institute provided an intimate setting to engage with colleagues from throughout the country and with the Institute’s excellent faculty. The sessions were exceptionally well done and provided both real-world context and theoretical frameworks for serving in the AVP role.” - “During my time at the AVP Institute, I learned a great deal about the complexity in navigating the political landscape of an institution, the importance of building relationships across campus, and the strategies need to effectively budget and strategically plan in an ever-changing environment. I also appreciated the opportunity to network with and learn from peers across the country who hold similar roles in Student Affairs.” - “In my first year as AVP/Dean of Students, the NASPA AVP Institute was invaluable in getting me set up for success. It challenged me to think strategically about how I was going to begin this new endeavor, and the connections I made at the Institute will continue to be beneficial throughout my career.” - “The NASPA AVP Institute is an exemplary professional development experience. The highly curated, well thought-out experience included meaningful opportunities for networking with peers, conversations on critical issues impacting institutions of higher education in general and AVPs in particular, and highly personalized, individual conversations with SSAOs. I will certainly be participating in this institute with as much frequency as my schedule permits!” - “The NASPA AVP Institute was a transformation event for me. Not only were the faculty insightful, I connected with people in the same role as me and I am still utilizing those relationships to help troubleshoot challenges in my own day-to-day job. It was also fun to spend time with a group of fellow professionals who understand and appreciate my role.” - "The NASPA AVP Institute provided a great framework for understanding the unique challenges and opportunities for AVPs. As a new AVP it was great to develop a network of peers in similar positions that understand the role of the AVP."

"The AVP Institute curriculum was truly foundational for me as a new AVP. Timely topics such as resource management, assessment, and inclusion were presented through an AVP lens and formed how I address these areas in my daily role. Spending this time with other professionals in similar roles created a community for me in the field that I know I can continue to rely upon for feedback and ideas moving forward."

"The AVP Institute was an excellent opportunity to build professional connections with colleagues doing similar work around the world. I appreciated the focus on current hot topics in higher education and the small group discussions about our role in addressing them." “The NASPA AVP Institute provided the appropriate combination of “looking up” as well as being razor sharp on emerging issues within the profession. I was able to bring home practical solutions for day-to-day challenges. I was also challenged to look at myself holistically. The time was both refreshing and inspiring.” “I attended the 2015 NASPA AVP Institute feeling isolated in my new role. When I left, I had discovered a network of colleagues who were experiencing or had solved every one of the challenges that I was facing on a daily basis, and the information that was shared has become the cornerstone of my professional practice and challenges me to be better each day. Now when challenges occur, I have the people and information behind me to be more confident in my decisions and actions. The NASPA AVP Institute was a career enhancing experience like few others I have encountered.” "The NASPA AVP Institute provided reflection time that all leaders need, the information to think differently and creatively about old problems, and the connections with other AVPs that have proven useful ever since New Orleans. I would recommend without hesitation attending this Institute if you can." "The institute not only gave me personal information to help me grow in this position (as I was less than a year in at the time) but gave me the ability to look from 30,000 feet to see what the needs might be within my area of responsibility." "Participating in the AVP Institute provided an infusion of renewed enthusiasm and passion for my role as a campus leader. Actively participating in the smaller institute setting allowed for group dialogue and the rare opportunity to share strengths and challenges of managing up and down in the unique role one plays as an AVP." "If you have a desire to learn how to become the most effective “number two” or the next “number one,” then this institute is the place to be. Since leaving the institute my motivation to learn more has elevated, and my commitment to be more effective has been sustained." "The AVP Institute provided me with a network of peers I can call upon as I respond to multitude of issues that come my way. This network, when combined with the opportunity to hear from other AVPs and how they manage their role on campus, was important for me in my own skill development as well as my confidence in knowing I can be successful in this role." "One thing I really enjoyed about the Institute was how it was as relevant to new “number twos” as it was to older, more experienced ones. The ability to develop a network of colleagues from across the country was invaluable and useful to me and I am sure to others."

Past Institute Participant Testimonials

As with viewers and binge-watching, many drivers appear to enjoy the forward-dispatch feature, which can increase earnings by keeping them busier. But it can also work against their interests by increasing the number of drivers on the road and defusing fare surges. And whether they enjoy it is separate from the question of agency — whether they have it, or whether the company does.

Uber officials say the feature initially produced so many rides at times that drivers began to experience a chronic Netflix ailment — the inability to stop for a bathroom break. Amid the uproar, Uber introduced a pause button.

“Drivers were saying: ‘I can never go offline. I’m on just continuous trips. This is a problem.’ So we redesigned it,” said Maya Choksi, a senior Uber official in charge of building products that help drivers. “In the middle of the trip, you can say, ‘Stop giving me requests.’ So you can have more control over when you want to stop driving.”

It is true that drivers can pause the services’ automatic queuing feature if they need to refill their tanks, or empty them, as the case may be. Yet once they log back in and accept their next ride, the feature kicks in again. To disable it, they would have to pause it every time they picked up a new passenger. By contrast, even Netflix allows users to permanently turn off its automatic queuing feature, known as Post-Play.

This pre-emptive hard-wiring can have a huge influence on behavior, said David Laibson, the chairman of the economics department at Harvard and a leading behavioral economist. Perhaps most notably, as Ms. Rosenblat and Luke Stark observed in an influential paper on these practices, Uber’s app does not let drivers see where a passenger is going before accepting the ride, making it hard to judge how profitable a trip will be.

Sometimes all that is necessary is the mere setting of a so-called default. Because humans tend to be governed by inertia, automatically enrolling them in retirement savings plans and then allowing them to opt out results in far higher participation than letting them opt in. Making Post-Play the default can have the same effect.

“If done right, these things can be socially beneficial,” Mr. Laibson said. “But you can think of all sorts of choice architecture that are quite contrary to human well-being.”

Even Mr. Hall, the Uber research director who downplayed the importance of behavioral economics to the company, did make at least one concession. “The optimal default we set is that we want you to do as much work as there is to do,” he said of the company’s app. “You’re not required to by any means. But that’s the default.”

Ride-share companies, which do not bear the direct costs of drivers being idle, want to have as many drivers available as possible.
There are 30 drivers. During surge, prices increase by 2 x and passenger requests are reduced by 30% . Passengers cancel after 20 minutes of waiting without a driver accepting their request. Regular fares cost $1.00 a minute, driver expenses are $0.10 a minute, and the app company takes a $1.50 booking fee plus 20% of the per-minute fees.

There are aspects of the platforms that genuinely do increase drivers’ control over their work lives, as Uber frequently points out. Unlike most workers, an Uber driver can put in a few hours each day between dropping children off at school and picking them up in the afternoon.

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Ranking all 130 college football teams, from worst to first
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Video player from: Perform ( Novica Peridot chandelier earrings Fabulously Feminine w0HLCxX

In a preview clip from Cutler’s wife Kristin Cavallari’s show, “Very Cavallari,” Cutler stops short of saying he is definitely retired.

Who knows if Jay is 100% done with football But he better be 100% ready for boss babe @KristinCav ! #VeryCavallari

— Very Cavallari (@verycavallari) July 3, 2018

“I mean, I can’t say 100 (percent),” Cutler said. “Probably.”

Cutler said he won’t know for certain until September, which seemed to annoy his wife.

“You have to realize how many sacrifices I have made over eight football seasons that we’ve been together,” Cavallari said. “You need to support what I have going on. This is my football. This is my turn.”

Cutler and Cavallari have three children together, and Kristin made it quite clear in a social media post last year that David Yurman 95mm Pure Form Smooth Bracelet with Diamonds kUWch
. Her thoughts on the subject haven’t changed, and she is likely to get her wish this offseason. Cutler did not play well for the Dolphins last season and is unlikely to find any teams that are interested in signing him.

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Slide 1 of 33: Kansas City handed the reins of the offense to the young Patrick Mahomes. Let's see what he can do with them.
1/33 SLIDES ©Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

It may be hard to believe, but training camps are just around the corner, and that means meaningful football isn’t far off. It also means that previously injured players, under-performers and sophomores have another opportunity to prove they belong in the hard-hitting NFL.

Here’s a look at 32 players — one from each team — who are ready to make the leap entering the 2018 season.

2/33 SLIDES ©Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Arizona Cardinals – Budda Baker, S

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